The Power of Chakras: How They Help Us Achieve Balance and Well-Being

Chakras are energy systems throughout the body that control physical, psychological & spiritual functions. Learn how to balance your chakras & achieve well-being.

The Power of Chakras: How They Help Us Achieve Balance and Well-Being

Chakras are believed to provide subtle energy that helps organs, mind and intellect function at their best level.


are energy systems throughout the body, and they control physical, psychological and spiritual functions. In Sanskrit, chakra translates to wheel, and you can imagine them as wheels of free flowing positive energy. Many people tend to be more dominant in the middle of their chakras, which causes certain tendencies in their lives.

When a chakra is balanced, it gives you the ability to manifest your thoughts, beliefs and desires (subtle psychic energy) into physical existence (sensory energy). For example, when the Sixth Chakra is balanced, it helps the intellect make intelligent decisions with a higher purpose in mind. When the Second Chakra or Sacral Chakra is balanced, you have confidence in your own sexuality and creativity. You can examine your relative strength or weakness for each of these aspects while observing your chakras.

Energy healers specialize in helping people eliminate blockages and restore their natural balance in the chakras. When a chakra is hyperactive, certain qualities become a dominant force in a person's life. It's important to note that chakras and spiritual energy haven't been thoroughly examined in medical studies. However, they can help you think about your own mind and body as in any religion or belief.

Read more about how chakras impact your health on my blog, The Significance of Chakra Alignment for Energy and Health. There is no need to be rigidly literal about chakras, approach them in a mystical way, or even visualize them. Now let's see the difference between a balanced and unbalanced state of the chakras and how it manifests itself throughout the body.

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