Unlock Your Chakras: Symptoms of Chakra Opening

Learn about common symptoms & signs associated with opening your root & crown chakras such as feeling grounded & connected, tingling & warmth in areas where energy is flowing freely.

Unlock Your Chakras: Symptoms of Chakra Opening

When the root chakra opens and energy flows freely, people will feel a sense of safety, comfort and security. Common symptoms of chakra opening include feeling grounded, connected and secure. It is typical to experience tingling, warmth or changes in eating habits and sleep patterns. The 3 lower chakras (root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra) are related to physical and earthly experience, while the 3 upper chakras (throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra) are more concerned with the energetic and spiritual dimensions of existence.

If you feel that you have a blockage within your heart chakra, you can learn more details about the process of unlocking any of the chakras in the article, unlock your chakras with these 11 powerful methods. When the crown chakra opens, you may experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms. These can include tingling in the head, emotional instability, drastic changes in sleep patterns and loss of ego. Another symptom of crown chakra opening is emotional instability caused by negativity, anger, stress or depression.

You may feel like you are on a roller coaster ride of emotions that you cannot manage or control. These physical symptoms can be difficult to manage but crown chakra meditation has been found to help. In addition to the common symptoms of root chakra opening, below you'll learn more about how to aid in this activation process. The opening of the crown chakra (also known as the awakening of the Kundalini) is a profound spiritual experience that involves the discovery of unconditional love and heightened wisdom.

The interaction of the energies of the Universe emanates from the seven distinct chakras that can be found throughout the body. The feeling of gratitude and faith that you will experience as a symptom of an open heart chakra are also powerful ingredients for being a successful conscious protester. The awakened energy of the heart chakra is one of the best states to cultivate to more easily and consciously create desired experiences. In addition to connecting you with divine energy from the Universe, the crown chakra also makes you aware of your own divinity and presence of soul in your body.

An underactive root chakra can cause a person to constantly daydream which may not be productive if they have many responsibilities to take care of. Other signs include a desire to sleep too much, indecision and pessimism which are all symptoms of an underactive chakra. The intensity of chakra opening symptoms depends on how much the crown chakra is blocked and for how long. Prayers can open up higher consciousness because it connects you and your crown chakra through an energy bridge.

Since yellow is used to represent this chakra, it may be best to use a yellow stone to open it. This chakra is responsible for giving rise to intuition, study capacity, intelligence, decision-making and power. As the chakra system moves upward in the body, energy centers become less focused on physical matter and more closely connected to Energy from Divine Source.

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